We’re open

We’re open for studio portraits, professional headshots, passport and visa photos, environmental portraits and composite group photos. We will resume event photography services in alignment with institutional policies and event scheduling guidelines. Due to concerns around COVID-19, some services are limited. Please check back here for more updates.

We’re Focused On You

Our photographers successfully interact with various faculty, staff, researchers, doctors and patients to capture attractive, professional photos. They place a top priority in providing professional images that reflect the high quality services, activities and events of the university. Their work is seen throughout the university campus, websites and publications.



Brandie Jenkins

David Constante

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Things to Remember

  • Portraits images will be delivered via email.
  • Public events images are available to family, friends, and students for purchase.
  • All images are copyrighted by University of Texas Health Science Center.
  • Please see more on copyrighted materials
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Photography Services

  • Studio Portraits
  • Group Photos
  • Environmental Portraits
  • Large and Small Events
  • Ceremonies
  • Medical Specimens
  • Passport and INS
  • Custom requests